Christie's Path to #SmilesOfSuccess | ക്രിസ്റ്റിയുടെ വിജയഗാഥ

Published At : 01 Sep 2017
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Watch Full Video Of Christie's Path to #SmilesOfSuccess | ക്രിസ്റ്റിയുടെ വിജയഗാഥ.Begin your selling journey with Amazon, click here: See more stories of how our sellers found success selling online: When Kannur-born Christie moved to Trivandrum after her marriage, she tried to re-establish her career as a textile designer. After realising that her designs had limited opportunity at a government organisation and witnessing first hand the difficulties faced by the local weavers, especially the female weavers from that region of Kerala, she decided to turn entrepreneur. Her vision as a fashion designer brought
life to the products of "Looms & Weaves", and through Amazon she found a nation of eager customers. "All rights, title and interest (including but not limited to, trademarks, copyrights, patents and any other intellectual property rights or proprietary rights) in the video or any content/ materials embodied in the video ("Video") are owned by Amazon Seller Services Private Limited and/ or its affiliates ("Amazon"). No person is permitted to use, copy, display, modify, adapt, transmit, redistribute or republish this Video or create any derivative work of the Video (in
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