CS:GO - Fettihit Warcraft Servers Teaser

Published At : 09 Sep 2017
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Watch Full Video Of CS:GO - Fettihit Warcraft Servers Teaser.Server info: London (EU) Warcraft server: uk.fettihit.eu:27015 Atlanta (US) Warcraft server: usa.fettihit.eu:27015 Find more information about the servers on http://fettihit.eu - info on races, shopmenu items and game commands and key-binds are also found here! _________________________________________________________________________________________ WCS (WarCraft Source) is a mod for CS:GO based on the same mod from CS:S. Heroes from the popular mod DotA (Defense of the Ancients) for Warcraft 3 were reworked and added to Counter Strike. Players can now choose a race,
earn experience points and gain powerful abilities that lifts Counter Strike to a completely new level. Furthermore, our awesome developer team at Fettihit has ported even more heroes from the game Heroes of Newerth creating an even more diverse choice of races. Will you be playing heads-on with powerful life-stealing abilities as Naix the Lifestealer, poisoning your enemies as Venomancer or will you be leaping through time and locking people in place as Chronos? The choice is yours. Come join our awesome community and be a part of the fun experience of playing WCS
CS:GO! _________________________________________________________________________________________ We have an APP FOR ANDROID! A lot of us are happy for the community and some even so much that they spend their free time creating things we can all enjoy. This is the case for Gharess, who has made the Fettihit App for Android. Use it to check the server status, your stats and rank, private messages from other users and more. Visit this forum thread to check it out: http://forum.fettihit.eu/index.php?topic=2201.0
_________________________________________________________________________________________ Credit to RavenProDesign for the intro animation. Check out other awesome intros here: http://www.RavenProDesign.com _________________________________________________________________________________________ Tags, please ignore: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, fettihit, fun server, CS:GO, WCS, Warcraft source, mod, Warcraft Mod, war3, dota 2, undead scourge, human alliance, orcish horde, night elf, blood mage, shadow hunter, warden, crypt lord, blood hunter, chronos,
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