Daddy Will Always Be There

Published At : 07 Jun 2017
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Watch Full Video Of Daddy Will Always Be There.I wanted my girls to know that I'll be there for them, no matter what! I didn't realize that they'd test me on it. Black fathers still get a bad rap, even though stats prove that we're very present in the lives of our kids. Share your stories, vids, and pics of the anti-stereotypes. #BlackFathersDay S/O to Beleaf in Fatherhood and Austin Null for starting this movement. Watch New Father Chronicles Every Wednesday! Join the Family and check out the NFC Store: Follow
us: For business inquiries: My name's La Guardia Cross. I make music, I make art, and I helped make a mini human in 2014 (my wife did most of the work on that last one). Like all new dads, I know exactly what I'm doing. "New Father Chronicles" is my weekly collection of things that make my mistakes not seem so bad. Join me every Wednesday to watch my daughter run my life. Parenting is fun, when the baby's asleep. #NFChronicles