Day#2 Beach Treasure Hunting in the Bahamas

Published At : 07 Aug 2017
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Watch Full Video Of Day#2 Beach Treasure Hunting in the Bahamas.Hey Y'all! Here is day 2 of me searching for treasure on the beach in the Bahamas! I find more super interesting relics while exploring and metal detecting on the beach, and under the water in the ocean! I had sooo much fun in the Bahamas, it was my first time going, and I really hope I get to go back again sometime soon.. Incredibly pretty! Thanks for watching y'all! Hope you enjoy! :-D Love, ❤️ Diggin Britt xo Subscribe to my YouTube channel! Diggin Britt t-shirts! Filmed on location in the Bahamas! Camera
used: Olympus TG4, iPhone 7plus, GoPro Hero5. Follow me on instagram @DigginBritt Wanna see more? Here are some of my other recent YouTube videos! Dixie the Deer & my Farm Animals During a Hurricane Metal Detecting in a hurricane Found: real pirate treasure! Beach Treasure Hunting in the Bahamas! Diggin Britt & Dixie the Deer Metal Detecting for Treasure
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