(Entertainment Survey trailer) THX At School (The class watched Finding Nemo)

Published At : 01 Aug 2015
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Watch Full Video Of (Entertainment Survey trailer) THX At School (The class watched Finding Nemo).THX trailer for ZackProductions's dream called “THX at school”. Believe it or not, you CAN make videos to go with people's dreams! Instructions to make the boy's THX at school dream video are: Look at the information about the boy's dream at http://dreamlogos.wikifoundry.com/thread/5177656/THX+AT+SCHOOL%21 to know when you will use the THX trailers. But wait! If the school didn’t take the THX Entertainment Survey, this THX trailer will be edited or used to make the Entertainment Survey edition of the thing that happened in real life. You will BE CAREFUL with the
following: This is a TEX TRAILER! You will use ONLY this for what happened on Easter! If you like, you can use some parts of the movie "Finding Nemo" or you can use OTHER parts of the opening besides this THX logo. I edited the #THXDeepNote using Disney Interactive’s THX-style parody. (You will find it at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtHHKqPXGTo&feature=youtu.be) (Note: I do NOT own THX At School or any other copyrights of ZackProductions so BE CAREFUL!)