Google Home Tips and Tricks 5 Things Google Home Mini max can do

Published At : 16 Mar 2017
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Watch Full Video Of Google Home Tips and Tricks 5 Things Google Home Mini max can do.5 Tips and Tricks for Google Home Mini personal assistant. Google just came out with the Google max. You can say Hey Google or OK Google to activate your Google Home assistant. We will show you 5 tips and tricks you can do with your Google Home or Google Home Mini. Visit for Home Automation information You can find the products on Amazon here Google Home Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) Amazon Echo Spot Amazon Echo Plus Amazon Echo Dot
Amazon Echo Show Battery for Echo Dot Battery for Echo Video on controlling your TV with Google Home and Chromecast Video on Philips Hue with Google Home and Amazon Echo Google Home can set multiple personalized timers. This could be great for when I have more than one thing going on at once. You can say Hey Google set a timer to watch TV in 30 minutes. Google Home has integration with IFTT. For instance you can tell Google Home through IFTT
to find your phone. You can have Google Home set your Hue lights to put your room in into party mode by changing all the colours. You can control your TV with Chromecast by using Google Home. You can ask Google Home for assistance. Examples - Hey Google call an Uber. You can also use Google Home to order a Domino’s Pizza to your house Google Home can also assist you in getting a phone number for something around you. If you have family over or a bunch of friends, you can play a great trivia game with multiple players on Google Home. You can follow us at the
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