Google Home Vs Amazon Echo Review Echo Spot and Echo Show Home Automation

Published At : 02 Dec 2016
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Watch Full Video Of Google Home Vs Amazon Echo Review Echo Spot and Echo Show Home Automation.A side by side comparison of Google Home and Amazon Echo. 2 Great Home Automation products for 2018. Echo Spot and Echo Show are good In this video we compare the features of Google Home and the Amazon Echo to see which one works better. You can find the products on Amazon here Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) Amazon Echo Spot Amazon Echo Plus Amazon Echo Dot Amazon Echo Show Battery for Echo Dot Battery for Echo Battery for Echo 2nd Gen & Echo Plus Google Home The Google Home looks like an air freshener and you can swap out the fabric to 7 different colors. The Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Spot, Echo Show and Google Home also work in Canada, the UK and Germany. Google Home or the Google Assistant can remember the content of your conversation. So you can ask it follow up questions. The Amazon Eco can’t do this. The conversation with the Google Home is much better. Google Assistant Google Home and the Amazon
Echo Alexa can both control your home automation, like your lights, TV, thermostat Google Home can’t connect to blue tooth or an auxiliary jack, but either can the Echo. However the Amazon Dot can connect to a speaker with a cable or by using blue tooth. Here’s one thing that Google Home can do, but Alexa can’t. It has the ability to queue YouTube videos onto your TV using Chromecast I like both Alexa and Google Home. The main thing I like about Google Home is the follow up questions you can ask it. Other than that, it’s a toss up. But if I have to pick one,
at this point I’m leaning towards the Google Home You can follow us at the following: SnapChat @HomeAutomationX