HUNTING THE GIANT SQUID!!! - Stranded Deep | Boss Hunt

Published At : 09 Sep 2017
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Watch Full Video Of HUNTING THE GIANT SQUID!!! - Stranded Deep | Boss Hunt.The Giant Squid has been added to Stranded Deep! Let's see if we can track this beast down and of course kill it for fun, what else!??! ❤❤ For Exclusive Updates you can find them all here: ❤ Merchandise Here: ❤ Facebook: ❤ Instagram: ❤ Twitter: ❤ Twitch: *Jurassic World Playlist : *Hungry Shark Playlist : *Little Nightmares Playlist : *The Isle Playlist : *Primal Carnage Playlist : Stranded Deep has you survive a plane crash only to find your the only one who made it out. Now you are left with one objective, survive. Padal from island to island on a raft fight off nature and drinking COCONUTS!! Face off against bosses like the Colossal Squid, Megalodon and a Giant Eel.