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Watch Full Video Of SINGING YOUR QUESTIONS 7.SINGING YOUR QUESTIONS 7 is here! ----- OPEN ME ----- Pre order Only You! Spotify: iTunes: Hi! How is it going? Today I bring you Singing Your Questions seven! I hope you like it, this was a lot of fun and I forgot how much I missed doing this! And YES! I have a new song coming out next week, if you didn't catch it in the song it's called 'Only You' and will be released Friday 15th September. You can pre-order it on itunes and pre-save on Spotify from tomorrow(Friday 8th September). I will be tweeting and everything
about it, but if you're watching after the day this was uploaded, the link will be below!!! I'm so excited to release this song, it's really really personal to me and one of those songs that I can't believe was written by my hands and thought of by my brain. I wrote it with a guy called Max earlier this year at a time where I wasn't feeling very good about anything in general, and definitely not positive about writing songs. I kinda forgot about it until Max sent it to me a some months later and here we are! I'm so happy to be releasing it, and so excited to go on tour and
play new songs. It's gonna be a great month, as always, thankyou for the support and love xxxxx ::: TOUR DETAILS ::: Nottingham - Bodega /// Sat 23rd Sept SOLD OUT Manchester - Deaf Institute /// Sun 24th Sept SOLD OUT Birmingham - Institute 3 /// Mon 25th Sept Brighton - The Haunt /// Wed 27th Sept London - Heaven /// Thurs 28th Sept Dublin - Academy 2 /// Sat 30th Sept - not many tickets left for this show! Isle Of Wight Show- Strings /// Fri 6th
October ----------------------- ✧ ✧ ✧!/Sazclose ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ snapchat- sazclose ----------------------- Lyrics and chords: d# a# fm cm what would you name your baby turtle? alfred first popped into my head What hog warts house are you in? Gryffindor the sorting hat said tell me How's your
Swiss cheese plant? Well it's not dead a# c# cm/g# If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be e? d# fm a# g# Somewhere in Australia Because I love the sea, sun and people Or Maybe some place in Asia? That might be peaceful Think Germany could be alright Got friends there that I really like But I love the UK on a sunny day canada is super cool and i would move there too! is a hotdog a sandwich? no i don't think so What's your favourite dinosaur? def the stegosaurus What excites you about tour? Going where I've never been before! what three people
would you dine with dead or alive? d# fm a# g# Rihanna for the giggles think she's bad ass and funn prince for the insight i'd ask him a tonne then my grandma cause she passed when i was pretty young if she was here, it'd go too fast this dinner would be long sticky toffee pudding would be the last course of course g# cm a# gm Do you have anything to announce this time? yes i do! my new single is coming out next week it's called ONLY YOU you can pre order from tomorrow and see the artwork too or check the description somewhere it's written what you can do
september the 15th mark it in your calendarsthat would be cool fm g# a#d a# beth wants to know can i describe it in three words? well it's pretty sad, very honest and it sounds sweet and if you were a vegetable what vegeatable would you be? probably be a pea, cause i think they like to party they're something that i love to eat and they're pretty good for me so thankyou for your questions this is number seven ----------------------- GET MY 'CAUGHT UP' EP HERE: Spotify: Apple Music: Amazon Music: iTunes: Physical Copies: FAQ: - Age? 22 - Where are you from? The Isle of Wight, UK -Where do you live now? London Business enquiries only: matt.johnson(AT)