Iron Man and Iron Patriot Costume/Cosplay "Oz Comic Con"

Published At : 07 Apr 2014
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Watch Full Video Of Iron Man and Iron Patriot Costume/Cosplay "Oz Comic Con".Follow me on... My friend Zac as Iron Man and myself as Iron Patriot at "Oz Comic Con" Perth. Ozcon. I built both the Iron Man suit/Costume/cosplay "Dadpool Cosplay" thanks to "The Heroes Workshop, JF Custom, Jackiesrockin, robo3867 for your inspiration, guidance and expertise. Thankyou to Rod Parsons for your technical expertise in bringing Iron Patriot's cannon to life. Please Like and Subscibe! Other Dadpool videos: Iron Man vs Wolverine... you didn't see that
coming! Amazing Deathstroke Cosplay Iron Man and Iron Patriot Costumes/Cosplay Crazy Hand built Iron Man Cosplay. Anyone can do it Dance off bro... Iron Deadpool vs Boba Fett Classic Wolverine and The X-Men Thanks to those before me and who are leading the way now. Especially Stealth at The Heroes Work
Shop. Video Created and Produced by "SuperKidsHeroVids - Dadpool Cosplay"