LIVE ACTION - The Adventure Zone Fan Film

Published At : 05 Aug 2017
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Watch Full Video Of LIVE ACTION - The Adventure Zone Fan Film.Episode Four- The Search for the Black Spider: Join our adventurers as they trek the depths of an abandoned dwarven mine in search of their missing employer. NEEDLESSLY SENTIMENTAL MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR: “Sometimes when I go into a museum I like to look at the frames. Many are works of art themselves; hand crafted, gilded, and lain with mosaics. However, the purpose of a good frame is to be invisible. It is to draw attention away from itself, to accentuate all that is beautiful and unique about the art it surrounds. A great deal of delicate, loving care went
into the making of this short, but it is our sincere hope that effort will act as a frame that simply draws attention to all that is funny, heartwarming, and special about this wonderful work of art known as The Adventure Zone. After half a year of effort I could not be more proud of my happy, familial crew. I hope you will enjoy what we have created together, but if there is any praise to be had, we say direct it to the McElroy family who through their own tender care, created the podcast that we all love.” - Curtis McOsker