Lost GoPro Camera Found 2 Years Later

Video Source : Ron Singh
Published At : 19 Jan 2014
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Watch Full Video Of Lost GoPro Camera Found 2 Years Later.Went diving at Corona Del Mar Jan 4, 2014. We used our Gopro Hero 3 Black Edition. While diving my girlfriend and I found this GoPro Camera. It looks like the first GoPro Hero model. We took it home, dried it, tried it out and is working just fine. The case is a little corroded but in very good condition! The memory card still works, if anyone knows this kid let me know! http://tinyurl.com/pld8vrl {{{{{UPDATE}}}}}}: The owner of the Gopro contacted me. I verified it was theirs. It turned out the Gopro was lost for 2 years NOT 5 and that the GoPro doesnt work. We
returned it about a month after posting this video. Our Story was in the local newspaper. http://tinyurl.com/pld8vrl