Luna "Angel of Darkness" MLP FIM PMV

Published At : 31 May 2014
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Watch Full Video Of Luna "Angel of Darkness" MLP FIM PMV."The darkness is our new kingdom" Music Featured: Angel of Darkness by Alex C ft. Yasmin K [This song was made for Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness on PS2] Video: MLP FIM This time I incorporated some fan animation into my PMV. If you'd like to see the entire animations, support their creators and follow the links! Fall of the Crystal Empire by Silly Filly Studios Children of the Night by Duo Cartoonist UPDATE: WON Best Action Music Video in, The Alliance - 2014 DMV RESULTS Video
of the Year Contest (@ 3:49) I am well aware that this song has been incorporated into MANY fandoms including our own but, after seeing some recent Brony content I felt the time was right for me to finally use it. Luna is the princess of the night, she has a troubled past, and she can kick some major flank. Enough said.