My Experience with Jake Paul | FaZe Rug

Published At : 19 Aug 2017
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Watch Full Video Of My Experience with Jake Paul | FaZe Rug.Today I wanted to give my point of view on this whole situation, and show you guys my interaction with Jake Paul, please give me your feedback in the comment section! Thank you guys, love you all Check out my Insane Tomahawk Trick-shot Video: Subscribe to FaZe Rug: More Vlogs: Follow me on social media to stay connected: Twitter - Instagram - Snapchat - thefazerug (Add me to see how I live my daily
life) :D If you read this far down the description I love you! About FaZe Rug: Thanks for stopping by my channel! Be sure to subscribe for daily content. I’m Brian or FaZe Rug. I'm 21 years old and am a director for FaZeClan. My Experience with Jake Paul | Vlogs | FaZe Rug FaZe Rug