New Rules | Angelsville Minecraft Survival [Ep.10]

Published At : 13 Nov 2017
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Watch Full Video Of New Rules | Angelsville Minecraft Survival [Ep.10].So as a society, we have come far. We started from sheering sheep and now we're into some really crazy houses. It's pretty insane. BUT! Because we gots people tryin'a make pizza houses we gotta lay down some laws. Like seriously have you thought of the logic behind a pizza house? The care? How crazy it would be? First off we gotta worry about bugs and wild animals being attracted to the pizza. I don't know about you guys but I don't wanna live across from a house that has nasty bugs all over it. I mean I'm cool with bugs, I think they're cool. But I can imagine the sound
would be like a swarm of bees everyday. We just gotta lay down some laws yo'. I mean nothing against pizza, we go way back. But pizza should be inside a hut, not outside a hut. (GET IT!? HA!) ⭐ Check out Angelsville on Amazon!: ⭐ ★ Kestin [plays Zane]: ★ Jason - ★ Jess - Me. ★Logo Art by Bin of Trash: