Patreon Preview...Metal Detecting in the Countryside with Diggin Britt

Published At : 11 Oct 2017
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Watch Full Video Of Patreon Preview...Metal Detecting in the Countryside with Diggin Britt.Hey y'all! Here is the link to my Patreon page............. Yes I am still going to be releasing regular YouTube videos too! (I have another metal detecting video that I'll be releasing on YouTube in a week or so) but unfortunately YouTube has been removing the ability for me to have advertisements before some of my videos. (overly sensitive politically correct advertisers I guess?) So I will occasionally need to release some of my videos exclusively on Patreon! So what is Patreon? Patreon is a form of crowdfunding, which is
funding that relies on people like you to pay a small amount of money to keep my channel going! This is much better than having just one or two pain in the butt big wig funders donating a huge amount of money. With Patreon I am able to connect directly with my fans, and my fans can connect directly with me! For the full 20 minute long video and more exclusive Diggin Britt videos, check me out on Patreon! Love, Diggin Britt xoxo ❤️ Filmed In the United States of America Cameras used: Sony A6500, iPhone 7+ subscribe to my
YouTube channel! ****Diggin Britt Super Fan Shout Out!*** Craig-Curlee-Photography Guo-Jie Tomaso Fugazzi Rich Kay ******************************************** Wanna see more? Here are some of my other recent YouTube videos! Faeries and Mystical Creatures in the Forest Deep Woods Treasure Hunt! Dixie the Deer & my Farm Animals During a Hurricane Metal Detecting in a hurricane
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