Real Talk: My Life as a Fat Girl | Makeup Geek

Published At : 27 Apr 2017
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Watch Full Video Of Real Talk: My Life as a Fat Girl | Makeup Geek.Thank you all so much for your love and support on my channel! My goal with this series is not to be dramatic or self loathing at all! I want to help others connect on struggles that many of us have. I wish I could give each of you a hug through the screen and show so much support and love. xoxo Marlena ⓢⓤⓑⓢⓒⓡⓘⓑⓔ Connect with me! :) :: SNAPCHAT:: Makeupgeektv :: INSTAGRAM :: (personal) :: INSTAGRAM :: :: FACEBOOK :: :: FACEBOOK :: (personal) :: TWITTER :: Business Inquiries Only: My website with AMAZING makeup products! If you've read all this, thank you! I appreciate your support! I read each comment and try to respond the best I can :) List in the comments the types of videos you would like to see! xoxo, Marlena --------------------------------------------------- Makeup Geek provides makeup tutorials, products
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