Sam Harris - Oil & Islam

Published At : 08 Oct 2015
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Watch Full Video Of Sam Harris - Oil & Islam.Sam Harris talks with Joe Rogan about Noam Chomsky, Abby Martin, Jihadi John, Raif Badawi, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Saudi Arabia, Politics, History, Religious Reform and the need for a Technological Renaissance. Also: Human Rights Abuses and why The West still tolerates them. This clip was in the Joe Rogan Experience #641. Here's a link to it. The Skeptic Feminist: All you need to teach atheists about Feminism or feminists about Atheism. Lambasting Religion and Misogyny, for the two are inexorably tied, while Standing Against
Woman-Hating Gods and the Sexists Who Invent Them. Sister to the OG page: Support Us: Twitter: @SkepticFeminist