"Sanders Sides"-Inspired MAKEUP ROUTINES! | Thomas Sanders feat. Ben J. Pierce!

Published At : 21 Aug 2017
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Watch Full Video Of "Sanders Sides"-Inspired MAKEUP ROUTINES! | Thomas Sanders feat. Ben J. Pierce!.So many amazing artistic things were inspired by the Sanders Sides, but one thing that I thought would be very cool for myself to indulge were makeup routines all inspired by Logic, Creativity, Anxiety, and Morality themselves!! Who better to help make this happen than the icomparable Ben J. Pierce!!!! So happy to be doing another video with this amazing dude, and I hope you enjoy the makeovers!! Also, be sure to check out the song cover we did on Ben's channel!! https://youtu.be/0kWBMMCj5IE Thank you SO MUCH to Ben J. Pierce for another absolutely brilliant collab!!! This
was SO COOL!! Ben's Links: (https://www.youtube.com/BenJPierce) (https://www.twitter.com/BenJPierce) (http://www.Instagram.com/benjpierce) Thank you to the outstanding Drew Gooden, who helped with the editing of this video, as well as the thumbnail!! Drew's Links: (https://www.youtube.com/drewgoodenvine) (https://www.twitter.com/drewisgooden) My Social Links: (http://www.vine.co/ThomasSanders) (http://www.Twitter.com/ThomasSanders) (http://www.Instagram.com/ThomasSanders) (http://www.Facebook.com/ThomasSandersOfficial) Snapchat - Thomas_Sanders Tumblr -
(http://www.ThomasSanders.com) Merchandise: http://www.Districtlines.com/ThomasSanders Business Inquires: SandersRTP@gmail.com