Thor VS Wonder Woman (Marvel VS DC Comics) | DEATH BATTLE!

Published At : 18 Oct 2017
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Watch Full Video Of Thor VS Wonder Woman (Marvel VS DC Comics) | DEATH BATTLE!.Try Blue Apron! Get three meals FREE with FREE shipping! Next episode premieres November 13th, not the 11th. Get the original score for this video on iTunes: It's Marvel vs DC in a gargantuan battle to the death! Between the mighty god of thunder and the tenacious Amazon princess, who will survive? Click to Subscribe: OFFICIAL DEATH BATTLE SUGGESTION FORM: Wiz: Ben B. Singer Boomstick: Chad James
Writer: Sam Mitchell Animator: Torrian Crawford Video Editor/Sound Design: Noel Wiggins Voice of Thor: Jonah Scott Voice of Wonder Woman: Natalie Van Sistine Battle Announcer: Chris Guerrero Assistant Animator: Jerome Rodgers-Blake Casting/Voice Directing: Marissa Lenti Battle Music by Aaron Caruthers &
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