Published At : 06 Jul 2017
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Watch Full Video Of THUMBTACK NERF BULLET *stuck in arm*.IT ACTUALLY WORKED 😅 😁SUBSCRIBE👉 So today we played with black powder and Melted a fidget spinner. No more 1000mph fidget spinner. We went upstairs and played with a Nerf guns, we put a thumbtack in it And then I shot my friend in his arm, i was aiming for his spine. But I shot him in the arm and It got stuck. he started bleeding and it just hung there in his arm. Very dangerous Nerf gun, this kids toys not safe. The most unsafe kids toy ever.... lol then we went out for a swim on the high dive. We did lots of tricks on razors and jumped
off the 12 foot high dive on to boogie boards. Then we shot our friends in the pool, headed to Sdwraps to pick up my secret wrap. We grabbed a secret wrap and we're on our way home! I wonder what's going to happen next with the wrap! 💯TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS FOR A SHOUTOUT 👕MERCH⇨ 🛴NEED Scooter parts? ⇨ 🛴APEX PRO SCOOTERS⇨ FOLLOW US FOR BEHIND THE SCENES😉 ✅INSTAGRAM⇨ ✅TWITTER⇨ ✅SNAPCHAT⇨ cfunk & coreyfunk ✅FACEBOOK⇨ PERSONAL SOCIAL MEDIA: INSTAGRAM: CAPRON⇨ COREY⇨ TWITTER: CAPRON⇨ COREY⇨ INTRO MUSIC: