Published At : 13 Aug 2016
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Watch Full Video Of TRAMPOLINE WITH TANNER!.We finally made it happen! Had this planned for like a month but had to wait for when we were both free... Hope you guys enjoyed the skit in the beginning which took forever to film and the rest of the video, can't wait to make more while i'm here in Cali! Hope to be able to live here someday soon :) Tanner's Channel- Thanks for watching! Don't forget to leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed! Also, SHARE with your friends! FAN MAIL ADDRESS: Tanner Braungardt P.O. Box 98 Augusta, KS 67010 Instagram: @TannerBraungardt Snapchat:
Tanner_B24 Twitter: @Braungardtanner My background music: If you've read all of this I love you