Write a song with me! (from nothing to full acoustic demo)

Published At : 28 Jul 2017
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Watch Full Video Of Write a song with me! (from nothing to full acoustic demo).HEY THERE so yesterday i decided to elaborate on a voice memo demo that i had on my phone and my camera was next to me so i thought i'd film the whole thing! you guys always ask me to talk about my songwriting process - so i thought i'd SHOW you instead! be aware that this is essentially just the bare bones of a song - this will sound SO ENTIRELY different if it gets recorded. i can already hear a more polished full-band version in my head but i can't play instruments or produce lol. this is the rough i send to producers and writers that will help me drag the song i hear
in my head into your ears! 151% PROOF (demo) Maybe you're not that cute Maybe it's all in my head Maybe you fuck things up too But I've convinced myself that you're so perfect It's like you have a mystic haze And your scent is so intoxicating You're a hundred fifty one proof I just hope to God this time it's worth it But maybe I I just need some time So I don't have to like You anymore I just need to spend time with you Cos you're so bound to wreck it Well good boys always do I can't wait to stop this broken record So come on babe let me humanise you So I know I don't
belong beside you But you seem like perfect candidate I'm trying to convince myself that you're no good for it You're no good for me Boy don't I know it Gotta think sensibly With rationality You're no good for me I can overlook it Equipment I use: Camera: http://amzn.to/2gusvTU Lens: http://amzn.to/2gDwfVZ