Why Old Screens Make A ᴴᶦᵍʰ ᴾᶦᵗᶜʰᵉᵈ Noise

Published At : 10 Jul 2017
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Watch Full Video Of Why Old Screens Make A ᴴᶦᵍʰ ᴾᶦᵗᶜʰᵉᵈ Noise.Last week I made a video surrounded by old-school CRT monitors and televisions - cathode ray tubes. And I completely forgot to remove the high pitched whine they produce. Here's why: why they make that noise, and why I didn't notice it. Thanks again to the Cambridge Centre for Computing History! http://www.computinghistory.org.uk/ Get some goddamn earplugs: http://amzn.to/2hlOGuU [affiliate link] or see Matt and me talking about them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzJePUquk1o I'm at http://tomscott.com on Twitter at http://twitter.com/tomscott on Facebook at
http://facebook.com/tomscott and on Snapchat and Instagram as tomscottgo