Worst Bug Invasions Ever

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Published At : 13 Jul 2016
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Watch Full Video Of Worst Bug Invasions Ever.These creepy crawlers covered cars in webs and even terrifying infestations so bad the house had to be burned down to the ground Subscribe to Talltanic http://goo.gl/wgfvrr # 7 Roach House Burned Down In Pana, Illinois, there once existed the scariest hell-house in all of America. We’ve all had cockroach problems, one or two of the little bugs scurrying across the living room floor but this is totally next level. The infestation in this house was so bad that the fire department had to literally come down and set the house on FIRE. They dug a trench around the building,
filled it with straw, dowsed it with gasoline and set it ablaze. The extreme measures were taken because they were worried about the roaches spreading and causing a neighborhood-wide infestation. Either way, good riddance to bad trash. # 6 Albuquerque’s Grasshopper Apocalypse In 2014 the residents of Albuquerque, New Mexico experienced an unexpected side effect of climate change. Albuquerque experienced a bunch of too-hot and too-dry winters in a row which failed to kill off grasshopper eggs that were laid in winter. The result? A huge swarm of grasshoppers being born
that were so dense that they actually appeared on weather radar. The radar thought that they were rain clouds rather than extremely scary rolling clouds of bug apocalypse. The fog of grasshoppers were flying into people's faces and caking onto car grills, finding their ways into people’s homes and eating all of their plants and gardens. All people could do was sit and wait for them to die off or leave. # 5 Pantry Moths A Redditor who goes by the username “thepennycollector” was about to dig into a candy bar they noticed something off. It’s lucky that they
completely unwrapped it and inspected it before they started eating. At the bottom of the chocolate bar was a larva that was beginning to spew silk and spin a cocoon. Imagine taking a bite into a chocolate bar and instead of nougat, you find a bug mid-metamorphosis. It’s apparently the larva of a pantry moth, bugs which are known for infesting into people's food stocks. # 4 Giant Asian Hornet The Giant Asian Hornet is a terrifying bug on its lonesome. They have thick armor, are about the length of two quarters, and have one of the most painful stings in the Animal
Kingdom. They can spray an acid venom that actually melts flesh. If you are swarmed by these hornets and get stung by all of them, it can lead to extreme allergic reactions and multiple organ failure. China was a victim to a series of hot and arid winters which is the ideal climate for these hornets to breed, causing a massive outbreak of these hornets in the country. In 2013, Giant Asian Hornet infestations lead to the deaths of 42 people and at least 1,500 injured. # 3 Termites Eat Money A banker in India walked down into the bowels of the building to retrieve money
from their steel vault but what he found was not what he was expecting. The banker found termites that had gotten into the vault and ate through a decent chunk of money. 10 million rupees worth of banknotes were eaten through by the greedy little bugs. That translates to about $222,000 USD. The local police were going to look into it and see if there was any accomplices on the inside who helped the bugs get into a steel vault. The State Bank Of India said however that they were located in an old wood building that has been prone to termite infestations. Regardless of how
they got in, these bugs might be the most expensive eaters in the world. Maybe they just have really fine taste? # 2 Oklahoman Cricket Swarm In 2013, Oklahoma witnessed an absolutely enormous infestation of crickets. Like the other sudden swarms of bugs on this list, the sudden boom in cricket population is because of climate change. A dry and hot winter, spring and early summer then combined with rainfall later in the year was the ideal climate for these bugs to multiply. The result was billions of crickets appearing in Oklahoma residences. It was described as “looking
like a horror movie”. They were crawling along the ground and outside building walls in huge numbers. When they began to die off the stench of countless crickets dying caused an ever-present stench of rotting meat that was nauseating. # 1 Rasberry Crazy Ant Infestation In 2014, Rasberry Crazy Ants were sweeping through the American Southwest. These ants are called “Crazy” because they have unpredictable erratic movements and they pretty much mow down everything in their wake. They’re also immune to common bug poisons so they seem almost indestructible. They also
like to make their home inside of electronics so wherever they were destroying crops and grassfield they were also ruining people’s devices. Combine all of this with the fact they move and reproduce at mind boggling speeds and you just might have one of the worst bug infestations ever.