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Make a Band Saw Jewelry Box: Woodworking project

25 Mar 2015 - 3 years ago    Wood 'n' Stuff w/ Steve French

Welcome to Wood 'n' Stuff w/ Steve French! See how to make a band saw jewelry box. This is a project that I made as a Christmas gift for our granddaughter, ...


10 Dec 2013 - 4 years ago    BRad556

How to make a band saw box! This is how i made a band saw box for a school wood working project. It is a really easy and creative woodworking project that ...

Simple Trapezoid Bandsaw Box

15 Nov 2018 - 3 weeks ago    The Wood Whisperer

A bandsaw box can be pretty perplexing if you don't know the tricks involved in making one. Once you understand the process, there are so many cool shapes ...

Make a band saw box: Woodworking project

17 Dec 2013 - 4 years ago    Wood 'n' Stuff w/ Steve French

Welcome to Wood 'n' Stuff w/ Steve French! Are you that one lone woodworker out there who still has not made a band saw box? It might seem tricky but let me ...

Jewelry Box

22 Jan 2018 - 10 months ago    The Wood Whisperer

This video is sponsored by Powermatic ( and Titebond ( I hope you enjoy this FREE version of the Jewelry ...

Bandsaw Box Build How To | Crafted Workshop

26 Jul 2016 - 2 years ago    Crafted Workshop

Build Article: If you've been following me recently, you've seen the trouble I've had making a bandsaw box. I've finally ...

Basics of Making a Band Saw Box | JET Sponsored Project

07 Nov 2017 - 1 year ago    WoodworkersJournal

A band saw box is a type of wood box that is made entirely with a band saw. A solid or laminated block of wood is cut and shaped with a band saw to create a ...

Everything You Need to Know About Making Bandsaw Boxes!

21 Sep 2018 - 2 months ago    Make Something

How to Make a Bandsaw Box. An easy woodworking project for any woodworker at all skill levels. Brought to you by Squarespace. For 10% off your first ...

making a wooden box using the bandsaw

10 Apr 2015 - 3 years ago    Fabian's Tiny Workshop

making a wooden box out of an apple root with the bandsaw Support me on Patreon:

How to make a bandsaw box

29 May 2010 - 8 years ago    Steve Ramsey - Woodworking for Mere Mortals

FREE PLANS for The BASIC MOBILE WORKBENCH ▻▻ Bandsaw boxes are SUPER easy to make and you can let your ...

Band Saw Box

13 May 2015 - 3 years ago    Backyard Woodworking

Make a simple band saw box from a log I found on the side of the road. Just a no frills simple project.

Making a Bandsaw Box / Jewelry Box

28 Jan 2016 - 2 years ago    Tool Craze

After popular demand from family, I made another bandsaw box - also known as a jewelry box. In this video I show you the process of how I made this cool little ...

Make a jewelry box

22 Jun 2018 - 5 months ago    Young Je

Walnut Jewelry Box

01 Nov 2016 - 2 years ago    GuysWoodshop

This walnut jewelry box was inspired by a box made by James Krenov. It is rift sawn walnut, and the liner and the sliding box on the inside was made from ash.

Making a Small Gift Box | JET Sponsored Project

20 Dec 2017 - 11 months ago    WoodworkersJournal

Boxes are one of the most popular woodworking projects and it's a great way to use small pieces of stock that are too nice to throw in the trash. We designed and ...

How to Make a Bandsaw Box with Two Drawers

29 Jun 2017 - 1 year ago    Make Something

Band sawn box woodworking project with two drawers with a modern look and feel. Step by step tutorial on how to make this fun and easy woodworking project.

How to Make a Bandsaw Box

14 Oct 2012 - 6 years ago    Steve Carmichael

I built this jewelry box for my daughter's 10th birthday, and as you will see in the video, she really liked it. It's a bandsaw box that I designed myself using ...