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Building a Blacksmithing Gas Bottle Propane Forge & Burners

10 Aug 2017 - 1 year ago    Will Matthews

It was time to upgrade to a gas forge to give some more heat control & efficiency vs my old charcoal 44 gallon forge. I bought a brand new 9kg gas bottle to use ...

How to Build a Forge: Making a Gas Forge Burner (minimal tools / no welder)

24 Apr 2017 - 1 year ago    Make Stuff Nation

In this video I show how to build a gas forge burner out of common pipe fittings using minimal tools. Amazon / McMaster-Carr Parts List: 1 of each required: ...

building a propane gas forge for blacksmithing

03 Dec 2016 - 2 years ago    Joe the Builder

building a propane gas forge for blacksmithing this is a propane gas forge so i can try to forge out my knifes and oder stuff my Instagram ...


05 Nov 2016 - 2 years ago    Alec Steele

Enjoy! LEARN BLACKSMITHING ONLINE: Hey! Thank you so much for checking out my daily ...

Homemade Propane Gas Forge for Blacksmithing

14 Mar 2017 - 1 year ago    Rick Rabjohn

How I made a propane gas forge for blacksmithing including the parts, dimensions, the assembly, welding, and first fire-up. Music: Plantation by Audionautix is ...

Building a New Gas Forge Using an Old Propane Tank - Part 1

16 Aug 2018 - 3 months ago    PJT Forging

Time for an upgrade. My old forge was beginning to feel it's age, and it was quite limiting in what I was able to produce using it. I therefore decided to make a ...

DIY | Gas forge

01 Jan 2017 - 1 year ago    Hassan Abu-Izmero

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18 Sep 2017 - 1 year ago    ElementalMaker

Lets build a propane forge burner out of simple parts from the local big box store! This burner will be used in an upcoming video to melt a ton of aluminum cans, ...

How to make a coffee can forge

05 Feb 2014 - 4 years ago    clkindred

Here I make a propane gas forge out of a large #10 steel can, and homemade refractory lining and a new burner design. See the newer forge build here!

Propane Forge Burner Don't Make This Mistake!

15 Jan 2018 - 11 months ago    American Piddler

Here's my affiliate link to the High Pressure Regulator we Use!

My Custom Blacksmith Propane Forge Build - Start to Finish

22 Jan 2016 - 2 years ago    Makin Sumthin From Nuthin

A documentary of the building of my homemade blacksmith propane forge. Altogether the build spanned about 2 months from start to finish. I don't have plans all ...


24 Oct 2016 - 2 years ago    Alec Steele

Fingers crossed it all goes together smoothly tomorrow! Here in the future? Check out part two on my channel and subscribe! Got any thoughts on how I can ...

Build a Propane Forge for $50!

05 Nov 2017 - 1 year ago    Wildman Tech

Here I build a propane forge for only $50! I also wrote an Instructable to accompany the video... ...

Propane Forge Build - Using a Gas Bottle and a Kit

05 Sep 2018 - 3 months ago    Pask Makes

I've always wanted to build a decent forge and I finally got around to it. There's going to be some fun times ahead, learning and making all sorts of cool things!

GPW 99 - DIY Gas Forge with Hard Fire Brick

23 Apr 2017 - 1 year ago    GP Woodworks

It's ugly as hell... But it seems to work okay.

Building a forge from a propane tank part 1: preparing the tank

03 Dec 2017 - 1 year ago    Old Hickory Forge

Simple how to on building a gas forge.

Coal Forge Vs Gas Forge (Different Types of Blacksmith Forges)

07 Sep 2017 - 1 year ago    Christ Centered Ironworks

In this video, I compare coal forge vs gas forge. Which is better? Weigh in on your favorite types of blacksmith forges in the comments below! There are different ...