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Spoon carver - Saw blade knife - Day 10/30

23 Jun 2016 - 2 years ago    David Waelder

I make a spoon carving knife from an old table saw blade. Instagram @davidwaelder Email ...

Chip carving knife from an old saw blade

13 Nov 2015 - 3 years ago    Matthias Wandel

I really like to use German chip carving knives. I experiment with making one of these out of a circular saw blade, first softening it to work it, then re-hardening it ...

Making a Hook Knife from a saw blade and firewood - HNB #17

24 Mar 2018 - 8 months ago    Hack 'n Build

In this build, I make a hook knife to add to growing collection of carving knives. The handle is hand-carved and the materials are upcycled from a broken ...

Making A Real Woodcarving Knife from Real Steel +Spoon Knife

03 Dec 2015 - 3 years ago    schpoingle

Making A Real Woodcarving Knife from Real Steel Here i go through my process of making wood carving knives. From raw steel to finished knife. No old saw ...

Knife Making - Forging a Spoon Knife and carving a Spoon

08 Dec 2018 - 4 days ago    Make N' Create

If you ever wanna do something relaxing, just buy a spoon knife and make spoons... Sounds stupid but it's so satisfying! Thanks for watching! Social media: ...

Making A Whittling Knife (Copy Of Original)

13 Sep 2013 - 5 years ago    John Heisz - I Build It

Another sawzall blade knife, this one for carving. Read more here: You can help support quality videos on this channel with ...

Home made detail knife for whittling using a jigsaw blade

28 Sep 2017 - 1 year ago    Steve Watkins

How I made a detail knife from an old jigsaw blade using nothing but a drimal.

The Homemade Carving Spoon/Gouge - Update

31 Dec 2014 - 3 years ago    Ron Calverley

Trying to make a wood-carving spoon/gouge from an old teaspoon.

How to Forge a Spoon Carving Knife on a Budget

19 May 2018 - 6 months ago    Anne of All Trades

Learn to forge your own spoon carving and woodworking tools with a very simple and inexpensive setup at home. Here I show how to make a simple hook or ...

Making a Carving Knife from a Jigsaw Blade!

06 Jun 2017 - 1 year ago    Shaun Meighan

If you enjoyed the video please leave me a like! It helps spread the video around and encourages me to make more! Website: ...

Making a second knife from saw blade

12 Oct 2017 - 1 year ago    Young Je

It's the second knife made with a saw blade, something seems to be wrong,~~~

Making Small Carving Knives: Part 1

14 May 2017 - 1 year ago    Patrick Sullivan

In this 2-part series, I will show how people with no previous metal working skills can produce professional-looking custom small carving knives. For my earlier ...

How to make a knife out of an old saw blade.

28 Sep 2013 - 5 years ago    Backwoods Gourmet Channel

We will show you how to make a kitchen knife from an old saw blade.

Making A Carving Knife

17 Jan 2015 - 3 years ago    The Small Workshop

The exacto knife is one of my favorite tools, but it has it's limitations. So I wanted to make a similar small carving knife, but with thicker blade and an ergonomic ...

Making a crooked knife & carve a spoon

11 Jun 2017 - 1 year ago    Robin Coomans

I make a crooked knife to carve spoons, bowls etc. aka curved knife , carving knife, hook knife or mocotaugan. Ever since I saw a crooked knife on a Ray Mears ...

Making a hunting knife from a used table saw blade with a rotary tool.

30 Apr 2016 - 2 years ago    Building with Brander

Making a hunting knife from a used table saw blade with a rotary tool. The handle is marble wood and spalted maple and of course the blade is an old table saw ...

How to Sharpen a Spoon Carving Knife

06 Jan 2018 - 11 months ago    Anne of All Trades

Learn how to sharpen curved blades and create a blade geometry that cuts wood well. In this video I discuss modifying Mora Knives so they work better for my ...

How To Make A Carving Knife From An Old Drill Bit

07 Mar 2015 - 3 years ago    John Heisz - I Build It

This is a new edit of an older video with added narration. I made a video on my other channel showing how I set up to do the stop motion carving at the ...