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Japan Craft - Making a Japanese Folding Fan

24 Feb 2015 - 3 years ago    Japan Craft Japan Craft - Making a Japanese Folding Fan Japanese fans are made of paper on a bamboo frame, usually with a design painted on ...

How to Make Japanese Fans

07 Nov 2016 - 2 years ago    eHow

Make your own handcrafted Japanese folding fan in just a few simple steps! Full tutorial:

Easy Folding Paper Fan Making | How to Make Japanese Fan | Kids Craft Idea

27 Jan 2018 - 10 months ago    StylEnrich

Do you love to make Kids crafts? Here we have made a very cute Folding Fan craft for kids that is made using popsicles or ice cream sticks. This folding fan craft ...

Boshu Uchiwa: the making of a hand fan

22 May 2018 - 6 months ago    IKIDANE NIPPON

Incredible Craftsmanship When you think of Japan, one of the images that pops in your mind is a lady in a kimono fanning herself. The process of making a hand ...


28 May 2018 - 6 months ago    Creative Mom TANU

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A Studio Tour of a Chinese Fan-Making Master Artist in Suzhou with Victoria and Henry Li

11 Dec 2013 - 4 years ago    Henry Li

Chinese fans has thousand years of history. Master Wang Jian is the representative transmitter of UN intangible cultural heritage in the field of handmade fans.

Acrylic Painting on Fabric Fan 04 Chrysanthemum

18 Aug 2015 - 3 years ago    Henry Li

To learn more about Chinese brush painting, please visit our website

Japan Craft - Making Japanese Lacquer - Urushi Craftsman

25 Feb 2015 - 3 years ago    Japan Craft Urushi is the sap of the urushi or lacquer tree that is native to Japan, China, and Korea. The sap of this tree contains a resin that ...

Easy☺︎ Japanese Paper Fan Origami Tutorial (Easy-to-grasp handle ver.) - Origami Kawaii〔#112〕

14 Jun 2016 - 2 years ago    Origami Kawaii 〈 How to fold origami paper 〉

Daily update! Thank you for watching this video channel:-) If you don't have origami paper, any paper will do!! "Easy☺ Japanese Paper Fan Origami Tutorial ...

Japanese Folding Fan

31 May 2014 - 4 years ago    Check It Out ASMR

This Japanese Folding Fan folds in to a very compact size for easy carrying. It costs Rs 60 around $1. This video review is brought to you by ...

Folding Fan in Japan Japanology

14 Feb 2018 - 9 months ago    Mellow In Japan

A handheld fan is an implement used to induce an airflow for the purpose of cooling or refreshing oneself. Any broad, flat surface waved back-and-forth will ...

Japanese Hand Fans Haul!

11 Apr 2015 - 3 years ago    Erika Cupcake

I was given 5 Japanese hand fans before my friend left to Japan. I personally loved the blue and green one with the fish-like decorations. Very classy! :D Let's be ...

Japan Craft - Making a Daruma

24 Feb 2015 - 3 years ago    Japan Craft Daruma is a traditional handmade Japanese wishing doll (or charmingly referred to as a "GOAL DOLL") that keeps us focused on ...


21 Aug 2017 - 1 year ago    Rupsa Jhilam

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How to make a Paper Fan by hands (Tutorial)

18 Jun 2014 - 4 years ago

Bamboo, Paper See detail in Http:// We export Paper Fans to any country in the world. Shipping by DHL, Fedex, UPS....or ...

The Craft Of Japanese Toy Making

13 Jul 2016 - 2 years ago    AJ+

A fourth-generation toy maker, Masaaki Hiroi, crafts intricate mechanical toys, no batteries required. At 80 years old, Hiroi only wishes he could live longer.

Japanese fan|| how to make Chinese or japanese FAN easily

17 Nov 2017 - 1 year ago    SK ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS

Japanese fan|| how to make Chinese or japanese FAN easily Hi Friends, First of all I would like to thanks to watch my video and subscribe me. Please click on ...

How to make a Hand fan with paper # Orgami Paper hand Fan # Chinese hand fan making

03 May 2018 - 7 months ago    Rasel Craft

How to make a Hand fan with paper # Orgami Paper hand Fan # Chinese hand fan making This is amazing Paper hand fan.This paper hand fan making ...