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Pocket hole jigs, radical design change!

09 Aug 2015 - 3 years ago    izzy swan

Cutting pocket holes in large panels can be cumber some when you have to take the panel to the machine so i decided to invent a machine that was compact ...

How to Make a Homemade Pocket Hole Jig!

23 Aug 2015 - 3 years ago    izzy swan

Pocket hole joinery has remained the same for many years now, and I want to make people rethink the way pocket hole machines are designed and used.

Homemade PVC Air Cylinder for a Pocket Hole Machine | DIY

10 Sep 2018 - 2 months ago    izzy swan

Making a Homemade Pneumatic cylinder with PVC to use on a pocket hole machine for my wood working projects. Affiliate Links foot pedal ...

Izzy explodes, Matthias moves and Guy does MCM – PopWood Playback #36

15 Sep 2018 - 2 months ago    Popular Woodworking

Send me an email with a video suggestion or if you're interested in hosting! Thanks! - David Lyell Mid Century coffee table Guy's ...

Pocket hole machine shoot out! Homemade -VS- Kreg Jig

02 Jul 2016 - 2 years ago    izzy swan

Homemade versus store bought. My homemade pocket hole machine takes on the popular Kreg Jig in one on one combat! the result might surprise you.

The Izzy Swan DPT Wrench Prototype Build #WELDA

31 Aug 2016 - 2 years ago    TomsToolRoom

In this video I high lite the assembly and machining of the Izzy Swan DPT Wrench Prototypes. Big thanks to Izzy for the faith and confidence he has in me.

Harbor Freight Pocket Hole Jig

31 May 2016 - 2 years ago    Tim Kirby

I'm bought the HF Pocket Hole Jig, and am going to unbox it, review it, and test it out for the first time. Created with MAGIX Video deluxe 2015 Plus.

How to make a stepped drill bit for making pocket holes.

12 Aug 2015 - 3 years ago    izzy swan

I had a number of people comment in a recent video that they did not have access to pocket hole/stepped drill bits or they were to expensive so in this short ...

Kreg DK3100

21 Jul 2011 - 7 years ago    Beaver Industrial Supply

If you're looking for the ultimate machine to build face-fames, look no further. The multi-spindle DK3100 contains three spindles which allow you to drill two ...

In the Shop tests the Rockler Pock-It Hole Clamp

15 Jun 2010 - 8 years ago    Woodworking Network

CabinetMakerFDM Editor-in-Chief, Will Sampson reviews a new clamp for pocket hole construction.

DIY Zero Clearance Wedge by Maker in Training

19 Dec 2016 - 1 year ago    Maker In Training

This is a simple table saw zero clearance wedge to keep my fingers away from the table saw blade when cutting small pieces with my taper jig. It is a simple ...

The DPT Wrench from Izzy Swan

24 Mar 2017 - 1 year ago    Journal of Light Construction

Woodworker, designer, and inventor extraordinaire Izzy Swan demonstrates his new DPT wrench which speeds up the fastening of all types of threaded rods.

DIY Pocket Hole Jig

16 Oct 2016 - 2 years ago    CrazyRussianWoodShop

I am showing how to make a Pocket Hole Jig and a Step Drill Bit for it. Also will test it against the Kreg Pocket Hole Jig.

Incredible Table Saw Sled | Woodworking

27 May 2018 - 6 months ago    izzy swan

Building a table saw sled to cut coves is pretty easy and it can do some really cool things. Check out this woodworking how to build and let your imagination go ...

Pocket hole jig complete system, for use with jobber (regular) drills

16 Nov 2016 - 2 years ago    machining projects at a hobby level plus woodworking

This is the complete all in one system, to make pocket holes, using jobber drills. This video is done as a creative suggestion of one, of many ways to make a ...

Craziest Homemade DIY Walking Machine.

25 Jul 2015 - 3 years ago    izzy swan

After taking my kids to see the movie Jurassic Park my son mentioned how cool it would be to ride a dinosaur.. I couldn't agree more.. So I built this Drill powered ...

Zero Clearance Tape - Table Saw

03 Mar 2016 - 2 years ago    FastCap

Tyler discusses how to use FastCap Zero Clearance Tape for a table saw. Eliminate the chips and blowouts! For more information on FastCap's Zero Clearance ...

DIY - remote control wagon that an adult can ride

18 Nov 2016 - 2 years ago    izzy swan

This DIY little red wagon has a secret that every dad will love. My Self and Mike Moyer both have kids and we thought this wagon would be a fun woodworking ...

How to Make an Adjustable Circular Saw Guide

22 Aug 2016 - 2 years ago    izzy swan

To get more accuracy and cleaner cuts out of my circular saw I designed this adjustable zero clearance crosscut guide for my saw. This build is a discovery build, ...

Kreg Jig® K4: The Do-It-Yourself Solution for Building with Wood

12 Sep 2008 - 10 years ago    Kreg Tool

The Kreg Jig® K4 is the perfect choice for do-it-yourselfers and anyone new to pocket-hole joinery. Whether you're building your first set of garage storage ...